Verity, Inc.

Verity is a managed services platform that uses open APIs to build custom systems infrastructure solutions for a wide-variety of applications.

Verity utilizes a bifurcated blockchain system, VerityChain™, which enables us to implement services that protect brands, prevent diversion, authenticate market supply, track source of origin, identify counterfeiting, and so much more. VerityChain™ is the blockchain system underlying Verity, Inc.’s VRTY Token.

Verity leverages its IBM Business Partner relationship to build custom blockchain protocol applications for any business. Harnessing the power of IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence and open source IBM Blockchain Hyperledger, there is no shortage of applications that Verity can create custom solutions for.

If your company is interested in building a custom blockchain protocol, Verity’s unique partnership with IBM Blockchain Hyperledger allows us to design the perfect blockchain system for your business or dapp.

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