Take Pride In Your Country.

What is Country of Origin Labeling?

Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) is a process of verification that identifies the true source of origin for any product in the marketplace. Validated COOL claims help government procurers, brands, retailers, and consumers solve a multitude of issues whether it’s identifying counterfeit goods, distinguishing higher quality products, locating the source of a recall, or providing the opportunity for consumers to enjoy new products. By using Verity’s vetted verification process to validate COOL claims, parties have absolute assurance that the product being purchased truly originates from said country backed by appropriate evidence.


Building better relationship with consumers by providing product information, tells a story to consumers, preference for validated product information opens doors for retail contracts, drives demand for global products.

IBM Food Trust Partnership, direct medium to consumer for recall notification, unique recall notification to consumer on a per SKU basis, origin-to-consumer recall services.

Government supplier and procurement information, Most specific product search engine in existence, worlds largest decentralized database of product information ie. health information and ingredient information, product locator, consumer global product database that is accessible by one mobile application.

Brands reconcile lost profits, consumers reassured the products they are purchasing are authentic, large contractors reassured products meet safety standards/regulations, real-time data streaming to reassure contractual obligations met, assist government procurers in complying with regulations/laws ie. BAACC, governments PDO stay protected.

Competitive separation from other products that do not offer transparency to consumers, better engagement with consumers during shopping experience, helps tell story to consumer, increase perceived value

Assist government procurers in complying with regulations/laws ie. BAACC, governments PDO stay protected, provide opportunity to brands to earn government procurement preference.

Provide the opportunity for brands and retailers to foster trust with their consumers, consumers will never have to question products, consumers provided with ultimate purchasing experience.

Verity’s COOL labeling solutions for EU regulations regarding protected designation of origin (PDO), protected geographical indication (PGI), and traditional specialities guaranteed (TSG)

The European Union established laws and regulations to promote and protect names of quality agricultural products and foodstuffs. While the European Union’s attempts to promote geographical indications and traditional specialties are considered steps in the right direction, there has never been a way to truly communicate the story directly to the consumer, until now.

Verity is on a mission to identify the key products for each respective country to help bolster country pride, reduce counterfeiting, and reinforce quality and value through Verity’s European Union Flagship Program™. This exclusive program was formed to authenticate, raise awareness, market, open opportunities, and drive sales for five products that most represent a country, its history, and its pride.

Additionally, all validated product information is communicated directly to the consumer. Consumers can scan any product barcode using the Verity One™ mobile application to learn more about what’s in a product, where it’s from, and if the product is truly authentic.

Countries take pride in producing their products. We want to make sure consumers know they’re authentic and have the opportunity to learn more about the product, the brand, and the historic relationship between the product and country.