Verity is the leading objective, independent organization dedicated to substantiating and verifying country of origin claims. We work in conjunction with government agencies and trade organizations to clarify and establish consistent and truthful labeling practices.
Verity™ seals demonstrate that manufacturers, growers and producers rigorously certify their products to exceed global industry standards for quality and value. Whether claiming to be “Made in the USA” or that a product is “all-natural,” or that “it lasts five times longer than the leading brand,” we test, scan and authenticate your claim using the most accurate and efficient analysis.

We’re here to provide value for businesses and consumers around the world.

Today producers and manufacturers are put under a microscope because consumers believe there is too much uncertainty built into supply chains;
they want truth, authenticity, and reassurance that what they’re buying is truly genuine.

After an intense investigation into several companies, Verity’s system is the only one in compliance exceeding government standards.
Today, we are considered true partners in accurately validating source of origin and other marketing claims to protect the integrity of the clients we serve.

“86% of consumers say knowing the source equals better taste, nutrition, and higher quality.”

(Source Field Agent, 2015)

Introducing the world’s first blockchain network designed for truth and transparency.
Verity has developed a utility token and is the internal cryptocurrency of the Verity One™ system and protocol using a bifurcated system for verification and tracking using a Hyperlink blockchain platform that enables marking and tracing over the network. Verity is a Managed Services Platform (MSP) Blockchain, Hyperledger Blockchain, IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
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Verity One available on IOS & Android.

Verity’s Advanced Framework.

As purveyors of truth, our four levels of Verity One Blockchain™ certification ensure that any marketing claim, from product performance to health and even nutritionally based, is authenticated and supported by a repository of scientific evidence you can access from any smartphone. Verity has the capability to verify claims using predetermined performance criteria and even laboratory analysis including cellular level structure, product formulation, and nutritional evaluation.